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I have more than 25 years' experience as an Executive Director, 12 years in the FTSE 100/250, 3 IPO’s and 14 M&A transactions; extensive background in content, media, internet and telecoms - small start-ups to large global corporates, disruptive technology and high growth, listed, private, and VC/PE backed businesses.

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I spend my free time riding bikes (motor and pedal) and trying to stay in shape. Casual coding and photography fill the rest. You can find me on all the usual social media.

Based in London

I live and (for the most part) work in London, but I'm fortunate in that I get to travel a lot. My work usually takes me all over Europe and beyond (and in between - I'm regularly in the Channel Islands). London is however the place where you'll find me more often than not.

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The iPhone is a constant companion. Here is a selection of images taken from my Instagram Travels with an iPhone series.

All opinions are not equal.

Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others.

The Salmon of Doubt, Douglas Adams

Phil Feet

Curriculum Vitae

Here is a brief CV - feel free to have a flick through. You can always reach out through LinkedIn.


BSc Honours Computing
Imperial College

University of London

Executive Roles

88-92 Computer Newspaper Services - Pioneers of camera-ready pages to the print industry. Founder, CTO
92-96 The Press Association - The UK’s national news agency. CTO, CSO
96-99 Demon Internet - The original ISP from the days of dial-up Internet access. CTO
99-08 THUS Group plc - UK alternative telecommunications carrier. COO
08-10 Cable&Wireless Worldwide plc - UK and International telecommunications services. CTO, CSO
11-15 UK2 Group - Global hosting solutions. CEO, Investor

Charity Work

Comic Relief

Director, Comic Relief Limited
C&T Board Member

Driving positive change through the power of entertainment.

Non-Executive Roles

11-15 Adapt - Enterprise managed hosted applications. Chair, Investor
11- Jersey Telecom - Channel Islands telecommunications. NED, Chair
14- Data Communications Company - Smart meters for the UK. SID
15-18 Kondor - Consumer electronics distribution. NED, Investor
15-17 Zitcom Group - Enterprise and SME Danish hosting. NED, Investor

Non-Executive Roles...continued

15-17 JANET Commercial - The UK's academic network - SuperJanet. NED
15-17 Fibercore - Speciality fiber optic engineering. NED, Investor
17- Virtual1 - Wholesale telecommunications networks and services. NED, Investor
18- Miss Group - Global hosting services for the SME and consumer. Chair, Investor
18- Zen Internet - Data, voice and hosting services in the UK. NED

Other Positions



Cambridge University

Judge Business School

It doesn't stop being magic just because you know how it works.

Terry Pratchett

Ethernet Wires


If you'd like to get in touch you can right here. I can't guarantee I'll get straight back to you, but I'll get your message eventually. Use the email form or social media.


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Coffee is a hug in a mug.